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cch software

traditionally, software for accounting practices has been designed to perform specific, technical tasks. if all you want to do is prepare some accounts or calculate a client’s tax liability or print a few bills, most software will do this.

but these days software needs to do much more than just perform tasks – it needs to solve problems. how do we make best use of our staff’s expertise and time? how do we make sure our clients know about the services we provide and understand the value of what we offer? how do we provide compliance services at a competitive price, while maintaining the highest professional standards?

within accounting practices, the it department has a major role in answering these questions.

whatever your problem, the chances are we already have a solution, but if you simply want to discuss things with an acknowledged expert in the field, we’re happy just to talk.

information when you need it

cch central redefines the meaning of ‘an integrated software suite’ by combining information from multiple cch applications on a user-customised ‘home page’. cch software uses ms sql server and .net for speed, scalability and ease of maintenance and the cch data factory api allows you to pull information into third party applications. find out more

practice development

our campaign management and email marketing tools link with cch practice management so you can use your existing contact data, track responses and measure roi. we offer telephony integration for instant caller recognition and linked timesheet entry, and value-added financial analysis and benchmarking reporting that uses your clients’ existing accounting data. link to: find out more

reducing paper for efficiency and speed

our idea of “document management” goes way beyond storing softcopies on the server. with the cch client portal you can securely share information with your clients for two-way information exchange with full version control. our revolutionary scanning system identifies tax source documents, reads the figures and automatically posts them to the correct section of the return. we can make your practice a more efficient and pleasant place to work as well as supporting your offsite and mobile workforce. find out more