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computer aid’s IT disposal service collects IT equipment from businesses and organisations of all sizes. we professionally refurbish tablets, phones, computers and other devices donated by companies like yours, and reuse them in the uk and in developing countries to ensure that everyone has a chance to learn basic 21st-century skills and to reduce the waste from electronics.

although our service is called IT disposal – we aim for IT reuse. while recycling computers is certainly better than them ending up in landfill, reusing a computer is 80 times more environmentally friendly.

other IT disposal and recycling services available often don’t refurbish the machines they receive, and instead, just strip them for precious metals. that’s where computer aid’s IT disposal service is different. we only recycle computers when we can no longer fix them.

in addition, our recycling service with Tier 1 Asset Disposal also has a social impact. the data baring assets are stripped from the computers and electronic devices for secure disposal and the rest of the equipment goes to their recycling service which helps with rehabilitation at a local prison – giving the inmates there a chance to get an nvq qualification in recycling, which means a clear career option and less chance of re-offending. devices are stripped down to recycle e-waste with no waste going to landfill.

your data is safe with us, the security of your data is our top priority.
thanks to our partnership with professional IT refurbisher Tier 1, we guarantee to handle your equipment and sensitive data with the highest level of security. we understand that data security is very important to our clients and we make it a priority to keep the sensitive data on your equipment secure at all times, from collection to data wiping.

by donating your equipment to computer aid’s IT disposal service, not only are you guaranteed that 0% of your electronic waste goes to landfill but also:

  • receive a fully detailed report of recycled vs refurbished equipment that you can incorporate in your sustainability report at the end of your financial year.
  • be compliant with the environmental agency regulations and the WEEE directive.
  • be informed within 3 months of where your equipment has been allocated and what projects you will be helping by giving your computers a second life.
  • increase your corporate social responsibility engagement and enable your employees to get involved with the charity through advocacy, training or fundraising.


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