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Validis Holdings Ltd

Watertight financial data, straight from your clients’ accounting package to your screen.

Validis is a web-based audit preparation software that enables SMEs to share their entire data set with their audit team quickly and safely. Secure connectors extract financial data directly from client accounting packages and deliver a full audit pack to their client manager’s screen in under 10 minutes.

Validis improves:

Audit efficiency – our software doesn’t cut billable hours it cuts the time spent on manual data preparation so you can focus on higher value consultative work.

Audit quality – Validis provides a full data set in standardized report format. Accounting data is extracted direct from a client’s accounting package, eradicating any possibility of human error, so you can get it right first time.

Audit security – Validis is ISO 27001 certified and all data is 256 bit encrypted for complete security.

Client experience – Validis offers a fast and simple solution to what can be a stressful and painstaking process for clients during audit and other financial review processes. Just a few clicks of their mouse and their full accounting data is visible on your screen in minutes.

  • Reduces audit and review preparation time from days to minutes
  • Provides the highest standard of data quality so you can get it right first time
  • Increases profit margins and gives time back to your practice to spend on higher value work
  • Generates a full standardized audit pack, enabling instant access to double entry level data
  • Undertakes a labor intensive administrative process for your practitioners
  • Enhances the service you provide for your mid-market clients
  • Is a cutting-edge software that will set you apart from your competitors

“Validis facilitates connectivity with our clients in our markets, simplifying interactions with client personnel and providing enhanced access to client data in a secure manner. The ease of use, consistency of reporting and quick turnaround contribute to improved client service and delivery. Validis sets a high standard in the service it provides.”


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