Redstor Limited,
99-105 Kings Road,
Telephone: 0118 951 5214


Founded in 1998, Redstor is a global specialist provider of cloud services and solutions in the areas of data storage, archiving, backup and disaster recovery.

We’ve amassed a customer base of over 25,000 clients across the globe, working with SMBs through to some of the largest national and multi-national organisations, across almost every business sector working heavily in sectors where protection of client information is paramount, these include: Finance, Professional services, Healthcare and Defence.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with best of breed technology, high-levels of service and a resilient network to support our solutions, heavily relying on over a decade of experience in supporting cloud-based Backup, DR & Archiving services to help address new challenges that were emerging in customer environments.

Why the Cloud?

Early cloud adopters are building competitive advantage in three ways – strategic reinvention, better more flexible decisions and deeper collaboration. Our secure cloud-based services relieve IT Teams of repetitive, low-skilled, routine tasks enabling businesses to focus on bettering productivity.

Firms typically invest with Redstor for one, two or all of the following reasons:

  • Reduced Management Overhead – Automated and run to a schedule, there is no requirement for human intervention from initiation of the to offsite transfer of the data, the services are managed entirely by exception for improved reliability.
  • Versatility – The services support a wide range of operating systems and applications, from laptops to servers, on-premise to cloud platforms; there is no requirement to deploy separate technologies to protect separate systems. Organisations make short-term, medium-term or long-term investments in Redstor, there is no expectation to commit to 3 year of 5 year terms.
  • Reliability – Our state of the art platforms boast 99.999% availability, Redstor can say that we have never lost any customer data in our history.

Management, protection and security of data has been what we’ve specialised in for nearly 20 years; from the people we employ, the level of service we deliver, the technologies we support to the resilience built-in to our networks and platforms. Investing in Redstor enables you to ensure your business is protecting it’s data with unmatched security and the minimal manual dependencies.