Practice Engine

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Practice Engine

Practice Engine is the full-featured practice management solution provided by The Practice Engine Group Limited. It is the best kept secret regarding practice management.

Since 1993 Practice Engine has been at the forefront of technological advantage in the provision of robust and highly appropriate practice management solutions to professional firms. Among the string of firsts are Windows adoption, the use of SQL Server as the only database, deployment of .NET applications, full browser application and now the use of Silverlight in a line of business system.

Our client base is particularly well represented in the both the top 50 as well as top 100 firms in the UK, where we have 30 named users. We also have 5 of the top 100 firms in the USA and this is growing. The system deals with the issues of forward thinking firms.

Being a fully web style system, it is extremely easy to use, and if you can use the internet, you can use Practice Engine. The ease of use is backed up by a very solid underpinning database, both for master information, as well as for transaction processing and reporting.

Practice Engine is also extremely scalable, and requires no client side deployment other than Internet Explorer and Adobe reader. Most firms are Practice Engine ready in their current state.

Our solution can be deployed as an in-house system, or provided from the Cloud. Our SAaS (Software And a Service) offering has been running for over 5 years.

Our highly experienced local team provide excellent implementation as well as on-going support and maintenance services.

Users moving from any other legacy system have the option of full data (including transactions) conversions. The benefit of this is that only one system needs to be running.

We can provide on-line or on-site demonstrations of this unique system. Should you be interested in moving to a twenty-first century solution for your practice, please contact us on one of the methods below for a no-obligations discussion.