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DocsCorp is a leading provider of productivity software for document management professionals worldwide. Our main solutions include:

Document comparison:

Document comparison, also known as redlining, is a must have technology in the legal sector. Manually comparing documents is a time-consuming process - prone to error and risk. compareDocs identifies changes in document versions and outputs the changes directly to Word or PDF so that you can continue to work on the document.

PDF creation, editing and binders:

With pdfDocs you can edit, enhance and mark-up content; improve navigation by adding bookmarks & links; modify the document by adding or removing pages or documents from a collated set; split the PDF to comply with email or court filing requirement; redact private or confidential information as well as remove metadata from the file; convert the PDF to a Word or image file. The Binder capability in automates the process of bundling vast amounts of documents into a single, easily-navigated document.

Metadata removal

cleanDocs protects organisations from accidental information and metadata leaks. Unintentional leaks have the potential to embarrass or negatively impact a company’s financial well-being. cleanDocs integrates tightly with email systems to ensure all documents sent from an organisation are scrubbed clean of any damaging or private information.

Bulk image processing:

More than 20% of documents in a content repository are “invisible” to search technology. contentCrawler is an integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework that intelligently assesses image-based documents in content repositories for batch conversion to text-searchable PDFs and saving.