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3rd Floor, NWS House
1 High Street

Telephone: 0207 2469 990
E-Mail: lucia.romeu@aps-at.com http://www.aps-at.com

Advanced Professional Solutions Limited

At APS we are a relationship focused service organisation that moulds award-winning practice software around the individual business requirements of each of our accounting and consulting firm clients.

Our Advance software suite forms the backbone of the APS business and traces its heritage back to 1994 when it was launched as the world’s very first Windows-based Practice Management system. In 1997 we were the very first practice software developer to move to the Microsoft SQL Server platform on which all our subsequent products have been developed.

But while we are well known for developing and supplying some of the very best practice software around, this is only one part of the APS success story. Much more than this, APS’ sure and steady growth over more than 15 years comes from the strong and carefully nurtured relationships we form with our clients and prospective clients.

As a service organisation we believe it's the strength of these relationships that underpins our success. When it comes to our client base, we seek and attract progressive professional service firms of all sizes – from big 4 firms and their consulting cousins to progressive 2 and 3 partner firms. The common threads between these firms? A desire to continuously improve services and the delivery of those services. Secondly, they share a desire to also continuously improve their own internal business systems and processes. Our Advance suite provides them with the platform to help achieve these goals.

In all our client relationships, we spend the time necessary to identify what each client wants to achieve in their business. Once the fundamental business goals are understood and agreed we then introduce a range of APS and 3rd party software applications to help the achievement of those goals. We make promises, we ask for the trust of clients and, most important of all, we deliver.

We do this day-in, day-out and it’s what makes us the accountable organisation we are – in terms of our people, our level of service and our software. Once experienced, our accountability also breeds confidence and that's what differentiates us from other suppliers.