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iris practice engine is a leading practice management solution which provides enhanced visibility into your business performance. it gives you the clarity and confidence to make better decisions and thereby helps you look forward with confidence.

over 120 firms around the world are using iris practice engine, with sizes ranging from 23 to 2,300. we’re proud to say that our clients include many from the top 100 firms in uk, the top 20 in ireland and the top 100 in the usa, but we serve all growing, forward thinking practices who want one solution that enables them to better manage their firm.

we secure and retain our clients through a combination of strong technical knowledge, huge depth of experience, and by building close relationships. through our browser-based practice management system, we offer an effective solution for businesses who want to shorten the time and distance needed to get that bill out of the door.

iris practice engine provides a significant return on investment, enabling firms to reduce time wasted, and save costs incurred, in terms of billable time from partners and managers.

key features include:

  • better job control through integrated job/costing/budgeting and scheduling
  • Make savings in stationery and postage thanks to electronic invoicing and statement sending
  • easy to use grid enables users to view details by manager, partner or all results
  • use the Actions menu to easily jump to a client’s dashboard, draft a fee or zero bill, view client’s wip transactions
  • bulk job administration: make changes to more than one job and avoid having to do the changes individually
  • timesheets are easy to set up and use, available to be viewed weekly or daily
  • store your receipts and process claims with ease and filter your list of receipts to find what you need fast
  • enter time and expenses from your mobile phone or tablet anywhere, at any time

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