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The 21st edition of PortrAIT is now available for download.

About the ait

ait is the one-stop shop membership organisation for the open exchange of innovation, technological advancement and agile working practices for U.K. I.T. professionals, working within accountancy.

ait is unique in its bright, lively, and above all friendly approach to collaboration between suppliers of all shapes and sizes and accountancy firms that span the top 60 in this pioneering vertical market place.’

The ait is now the trading name of PSITUK Limited (registered in England and Wales, registration number 07145002). The directors of PSITUK are Greg Swift and Ian Norman.

Please use the Contact page to contact the group. Please do not contact the directors at their respective firms.

The registered office of PSITUK Limited is 32 Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4JJ. The company advises that it does not wish to receive unsolicited mail at this address. Please use the Contact page to contact the company.

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